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Guide on using the best boss tile cutter|Tile Pro Depot

Do you enjoy revamping your house using DIY tools? Well, if you fancy refurbishing your bathroom tiles or want to extend the kitchen tiles to countertops, then get the best tile cutter.

Tile cutters are small portable tools that resemble the car jack. You can use these to cut soft tiles that require smaller areas to cover. But how do you use a boss tile cutter? Let’s know the process in detail.

More information:

Tools and equipment, you need

  • Tile cutter

  • Eye protection gear

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Pencil/marker

  • Sanding Sponge

  • Utility blade/knife

Installation and instructions on using the tile cutter

  • Start by setting up the cutter: Place the face of the tile at the top and bottom edge to mark the cutting path. Now, place the tiles front side up on the bed of the cutter under the cutting wheel and pressure pad. Set the alignment of the cutting score line on the bed of the tool. Firmly press the edge of the tile against the edge of the cutter. This particular step is significant because if the tile placement becomes incorrect, tile snaps will become uneven.

  • Scoring the tile: Ensure that the positioning of the tile is correct. You can do this by firmly pushing the tungsten carbide score wheel onto the face of the tile. This process is critical as you must place the tile closest to the farthest side. Apply slight downward pressure on the cutting wheel. You can repeat this process one more time to ensure that the cut is deep and strong enough for the final snap. However, do not pass the wheel score multiple times as, it will chip the edges of the glaze, giving the tiles an uneven finish.

  • Snap the tile: Once you make certain that the tile is perfectly on the score line, get ready for the snap. Lift the handle of the wheel score and let the pressure bar pad pivot underneath to the center of the tile. Apply firm but controlled pressure on the handle. This increasing pressure downwards will push the pad thus creating force on the tiles on both sides. You can hear a snap sound when the tile breaks in a clean score line and does not chip on the edges.

  • Sand the edges: Before installing the tiles to the surface ensure that you sand the sharp and uneven edges. You do not want a jagged-looking tile on the bathroom walls. If you use the tile cutter properly, this particular step will not take much time.

Features of DTA Boss professional tile cutter

  • Rigid I-beam for sturdy support

  • 4 position adjustable Titanium wheel

  • 6 pieces bearing loaded handle

  • Additional rubber grip for extra control

  • Breaker foot with adjustable wheel

  • Anti-slip spring-loaded rubber mat

  • 45-degree angle guide for a smooth cut transition

  • Adjustable support arms for larger tiles

  • Available in five different sizes that can cut up to 48”.


You can use the boss tile cutter without any extra tools and products as its one master tool. Make the refurbishment of kitchen walls a fun project with the boss cutter so, whether you use ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles – it's not an issue anymore.

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  • Jun 13 2022