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Easier way to enable/disable entry/exit beep tone

Previously, the beep sound was played for all participants when entering or leaving, if the host enabled it. The participants could not disable it.

Now only phone participants can hear it. Participants who want to receive an audible notification have to set it up again in a complex way via the "Notifications" menu. This is too complicated. Isn't there a simpler solution for participants to turn the beep tone on and off?

  • Nico Bellack
  • Jun 14 2022
  • Peter Kuhn commented
    27 Jun, 2022 03:38pm

    I don't see a post on re-enabling webex sounds, and it appears they are now broken (new bug SURPRISE!) for VOIP users. As of Mid June 2022 Apparently all notifications sounds have been turned off by default and users can not personally turn them on for meetings. The host can enable them during a meeting, but only for Call in or Call me users. This appears more like a BUG. I understand disabling notifications sounds by default when there is a very large meeting and the meeting creator forgets and leaves notifications sounds on, there are constant beeps throughout the meeting. There should really be an easy toggle button to turn them off if they forget. MORE IMPORTANTLY there should be a way for users to turn notification sounds for them personally regardless of the host meeting settings. For smaller meetings users and hosts can often be tabbed out before the meeting waiting for others to join. The notifications sounds are a great way to know people, or enough people have joined. I like the idea of a toggle button for notifications sounds. A toggle that changes from all notifications, to chat, to raise hand, etc. private only, to mute all has been around in multiple other chat and meeting applications for 10+ years. A number have toggle options for 3 to 5 modes where users can configure the notifications for intermediate modes between all notifications and mute all, or there is are separate meeting mute, and private mute buttons.

  • Nico Bellack commented
    17 Jun, 2022 11:21am

    That is not the question. Cisco has disabled the beep for audio users. However, my users would like this feature back. The only way to get signaling back is to configure it via the Notifications menu. However, this is too complicated and too hidden in terms of handling.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jun, 2022 10:30am

    You can disable this tone on the host account and it won't play for any meeting scheuduled