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Device Profile Super Copy - and Migrate Device Profile

Submitting this again since I received an e-mail notice that "We have discovered a batch of older ideas for which we have not responded to since submitted. Due to the innovation of the Webex Calling product during the last 18-months, we have decided to archive the older ideas. If this idea is still relevant, please re-enter it in the Aha idea/customer feedback tool so it will route to the appropriate product manager for review."

Shame on you, Cisco.

Re-submitting as request to add a "Super Copy" function to the existing Device>Device Settings>Device Profile search page -- similar to the Super Copy function which already exists on the Device>Phone search page.

Super Copy in the existing Phone page allows the duplication of a Device (with needed edits in the uniqueness of the Device Name) WITH a copy of the same Line assignments, as well as Speed Dials, BLF Speed Dials, BLF Directed Call Park, Service URL buttons, and phone services Subscriptions from the Related Links drop down selector in the upper right corner.

This same Super Copy function is highly desired within the Device>Device Settings>Device Profile to perform the same, more full featured copy function. The existing Copy function in Device Profile, only creates a new Device Profile page with replicated data from the Device Profile central part of the page only. Similar to the (non Super) Copy function that is also available on the Device>Phone page.


Second, requesting a "Migrate Device Profile" function be added to the Related Links drop down in the upper right of the Device Profile page, with a function like the similarly named "Migrage Phone" option on the Device>Phone page.

This to convert a Device Profile, with as many fields replicated over as feasible, from one Phone Model type to another. The similar Migrate Phone option on the Device>Phone page serves that function: replicating over as many fields as feasible (if moving to a "smaller" phone, higher numbered features are removed) to easily convert an existing Device/Phone from one Phone Model type to another.

Requesting this same operation for Device Profiles, which currently, if there is a need to change the phone model type, must manually snap a screen shot, delete the profile, build a new Device Profile and manually populate all the DP settings, Line appearances, and above mentioned Speed Dials, Subscriptions, etc.

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  • Jun 15 2022