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Disable Ctrl+Shift+X shortcut key to pop up Multi Call Window when Webex is running background

Latest release of 42.6 lets you open a Multi Call Window from the global shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+X.

This function cannot be disabled even when you untick "Show multi call window" in the settings. It works even when Webex is running background.

It is important that users can choose to enable/disable this function because some are using this shortcut key for different apps.

  • Guest
  • Jun 17 2022
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  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    27 Jul, 2022 06:30am

    Brian, in 42.9, it's only for disabling this multi call window shortcut key.
    Meher Arora, another Webex PM is looking at the customizaiton of each shortcut key in Webex.

  • Brian Frazier commented
    26 Jul, 2022 03:08pm

    Ryan, are we just getting the option to disable Ctrl+Shift+X, or will we also be able to disable Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D or Global Hot Keys all together? Just the option to disable Ctrl+Shift+X won't be good enough

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    26 Jul, 2022 06:09am

    In 42.9, you will have the option to disable this shortcut key.

  • Guest commented
    21 Jul, 2022 10:14pm

    Please let us change/remove the hotkeys in Webex, it's really f-ing annoying that it hijacks hotkeys I wish to use for other software >:(

  • Sean Scott commented
    20 Jul, 2022 03:59pm

    I've also logged this as a bug a few weeks back in the Webex beta program.

    They really need to give us the ability to disable all global shortcuts since most users don't use call control shortcuts like Ctrl + D, and it breaks other app's shortcuts in a development heavy environment.

  • Brian Frazier commented
    19 Jul, 2022 01:14pm

    There should never be a gap when global hotkeys exist without any way to disable them. Adding a hotkey settings shouldn't be considered a nice to have, but rather a hard requirement of any global hotkey hook implementation.

  • JC Chapman commented
    14 Jul, 2022 07:11pm

    Please disable this or just let us customize our own hotkeys. This is a major problem when using our RMM because Ctrl+Shift+X is our paste hotkey and we are no longer able to use it thanks to you all. This is incredibly inconvenient.

  • Prakash commented
    1 Jul, 2022 06:26pm

    Yes. Please disable this functio. Very annoying while using and don't want the multicall window anymore for this hotkey.

  • Guest commented
    30 Jun, 2022 07:42pm

    Please allow shortcut keys to be customized or disabled. This affects my every working day.

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    29 Jun, 2022 06:48am

    yes, the shortcut key is global, which is on purpose.
    We'll add a checkbox "Enable global shortcut key" to avoid conflict in the interim.

  • haythem BEN ELHAJ AMIR commented
    22 Jun, 2022 12:46pm


    the problem is the shortcut is applied even if webex app is in background.

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    22 Jun, 2022 06:12am

    I didn't find the shortcut key is used by Excel, and Futo told me he customized the shortcut key in Excel.
    We will see if we can change to another shortcut key for now, and allow users to customize shortcut key in Webex app.

  • Julien Foucault commented
    21 Jun, 2022 09:12am

    Excellent idea! I share your love for Excel modelling myself since I was a little kid (I learned to perform pivot tables before I could walk) and I'm very sad to lose some precious seconds when setting up a cash forecast, adding variables to my business plan, etc.

  • haythem BEN ELHAJ AMIR commented
    20 Jun, 2022 02:53pm

    this option is used by Excel which is crutial for some customer.

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