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Elgato Stream Deck plugin

The Elgato Stream Deck is essentially a programmable keypad where each key is graphically customizable, to trigger actions on the computer (e.g. control volumes, launch apps, start a presentation, or even adjust back-lighting in my room, etc.).

Today, many independent developers have integrated a range of streaming applications to Elgato Stream Deck, using the Elgato SDK (e.g. YouTube, Voicemod, Twitch, and Webex competitors like ZOOM). Unfortunately, there are not too many plugins for business applications like Webex, that allow for a similar, smooth experience.

It would be more than welcome, if Webex Meetings and Webinars would get direct integration points for the Elgato Stream Deck software. Configuring hot keys in Stream Deck to work with Webex it is not working out well on Windows 10+, as described by many other users.

Most urgently requested features would include buttons for

  1. toggle screen share on/off (e.g. start/stop video or audio; with preconfigured content or sreens)

    e.g. Think of a frequent scenario, where you are using multiple sources of content to share in your meeting, where you need to quickly switch from "participant grid view" to "share PPT" or "share screen #2", to "share video with audio", to "show whiteboard", etc.)

  2. show/hide panels for participants, chat, Q&A, Apps

  3. mute self/participants

  4. lock/unlock meeting

  5. show people raising their hand and unmute them with one click

  6. start/stop audio (with preselected inputs and outputs)

  7. start/stop video (with preselected input/output)

  8. Other nice to haves would be "paste preconfigured text to chat content (like questions)", but that may probably take some more time.

Thanks for considering and pls upvote if you like this feature request.

  • Marcus Pietrzak
  • Jun 22 2022
  • Mark Thompson commented
    11 Jan 04:31pm

    There's a rudimentary RoomOS module available for the BitFocus Companion app for StreamDecks -

    Not Cisco-authored, but a reference point for comparison

  • Jeremy Brown commented
    25 Oct, 2023 03:11pm

    MS Teams and Zoom both have advanced Stream Deck plugins. There are some 3rd party ones meant to work with Webex but they do not work well, or at all. I have had difficulty using any of the Mac OS hotkeys with Webex and from programming them into Stream Deck manually.

  • Alain Rymar commented
    9 Jun, 2023 08:16am

    Tried to play with Stream Deck XL with Webex App in Meeting. None of the defined shortcuts in Wx while in meeting are active if triggered from Stream Deck. Local Laptop Keyboard works ok, but not from Stream Deck.

  • Brian Huff commented
    13 Feb, 2023 03:57pm

    Microsoft Teams recently added this plugin, Zoom has had it a while, Slack, Discord, YouTube and Facebook all integrate. Would really set Webex apart if there was direct integration with Elgato and/or OBS Studio.