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Provide a single button, or favourites set, audio config in Webex interface

It seems common for users to need to quickly switch between specific and often pre-determined audio settings during a Webex meeting or call (when using Webex Calling as a softphone). Users have previously completed this using a speakerphone button on physical telephone handsets.

The Webex use case is:
I am on a call or in a meeting with other parties, using a headset for speaker and microphone, and a colleague comes into my office to provide some additional content or context. I now need to be able to quickly change from using my defined speaker and microphone settings to using an external speaker and microphone (may be the inbuilt devices in my endpoint). To do this at the moment, I need to open the audio settings, change the speaker (check that it is working), then change the microphone (check that it is working), and then finally change the Webex smart audio settings (often to remove nocie cancelling). Hopefully at this stage I have done them all, and haven't forgotten something. Once my colleague has left, I now need to put the audio back through my headset, which means changing the settings back to my original 'normal'.

Having a single button, or a' favourites' feature, to allow users to quickly change audio settings between 2 or 3 common setups, would facilitate streamlined changes in needs.

This feature would also enable users to be able to adapt on the fly if they are moving between locations while already logged into Webex (and reduces the risk of getting the various settings wrong, or missing a crucial setting)

Attached is an image which shows the settings I am referring to.

  • Antony Spence
  • Jun 22 2022
  • Not likely to implement
  • Admin
    Cloud Hu commented
    6 Mar 05:48am

    There is only 3 settings to change, and rarely do people change them. Creating a whole set of "favorite" UX with saving/updating/loading seems to be overkill.