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I Tip Extensions 12

I tip extensions are a type of hair extension made up of bent microfibers, or a metallic cylinder to attach to natural hair. Although they're similar to other types of links, they're not the same thing. I tip extensions are different and are distinct sections of hair used with a cylinder that can all loop around the person's hair. The range of human hair extensions has an ultra-lightweight feel, natural movement and a new method of applying hair extensions. The I Tip extensions use regenerated hair strands that are more resistant to water, are less brittle and last longer. This is a permanent extension option. This is how I tip extensions can help you achieve a more beautiful and volatized look for your hair. For all of your hair extensions needs contact us today for high-quality hair improvement products and innovative solutions. I suggest extensions are perfect for anybody who wants to add length or volume to their hair, whether they have fine, thick hair, short, or long hair.

It's even more crucial to know what extensions will work best for your hair texture.

Benefits of I Tip extensions

Let's look at the many benefits of I tip extensions. You'll be amazed to discover the many benefits and characteristics of purchasing these.

Shorter lengths look beautiful by using I Tip hair extensions

Many women are to retain beautiful and full. I tip extensions were designed to ensure that women can improve their appearance in addition. Are your natural locks appearing dull and lifeless? At least one I tip extension must be present included in your hair as these weaves can completely alter the look of an individual.

You can now have total control over the length that your hair grows, without having to invest months or years, on products for hair care. The extensions also offer the softness and gloss that will surpass your expectations.

Stick Tip Attachment could be done in-house

Without the assistance of a specialist, people with the proper supplies and knowledge can install I tips at home. This is, generally one of the most important advantages for women wanting to save money by using the installation alone.

I tips are the ideal option for thin strands.

The degree of pressure that other weaves inflict on your hair one of the I tip extensions' advantages and disadvantages. Because I tip extensions tend to be light, they don't impose any putting stress on your hair. Therefore, I tip extensions are ideal for people with weak or thin hair. I tip extensions are great for those who have fine or weak hair strands.

They're a great substitute for hot fusion

I tip extensions are an excellent alternative to hot fusion because they are cold fusion. If installing hot fusion takes three to four hours, installing I tips takes one to 1.5 hours. In addition, you won't even need any type of heat instrument on them and they won't melt.

Natural Strands aren't damaged

Another important aspect of I tip extensions is their impact on your hair's natural strands. They can harm hair therefore, most people steer clear of they. They've never used I tip extensions before, which do not harm the hair you already have. Extensions must be properly placed with no chemical or even hot tools.

There will be no harm to the real hair when the extensions are properly maintained. Extensions can be utilized without heating equipment and won't cause any harm to hair strands.

The drawbacks of extensions for I tips

There isn't a benefit without a drawback. There are a few disadvantages when I tip extensions.

It's possible that installation could be difficult

Inexperience in installing the hair is among the reasons that makes installation difficult. As mentioned earlier it is essential to have a basic understanding of how to use the necessary tools. To get yourself ready to do this, you can find out how to set up I tip extensions at home through watching YouTube. Also, you will require tools, which can be purchased at any local salon or at a store.

It needs special attention

Another drawback is that it requires extra care to keep it in good condition. For example, I tip extensions must be washed and cleaned with attention. The reason is that washing too close to the beads can cause the extension to shift and cause the I tip strand to break off. So, wash and brush gently, and don't tug too much on the beads.

Washing and brushing can be a difficult process

Individuals who have I Tip hair extensions might be unable to clean and brush them. It is important to take care when you are using I Tip hair extensions. It is best not to scrub hair extensions that are too near to the pearls. Begin by brushing them at the ends, and work your way up. Extensions must be cleaned by gently pressing them gently. Do not pull them or scratch them.

You'll Need Installation Tools

While purchasing hair tools is not a problem, it is expensive. Without beads or pliers, I tip extensions are impossible to use.

The instruments, on the other hand you can purchase them from a store or a salon, and they are quite inexpensive. Because hair extensions' ends could be damaged, it is important to know how to use these instruments before applying them.


What is it that makes them so Good?

I tip extensions are a fantastic alternative since they provide access to your scalp. The hair you have naturally will be completely covered by the extensions. You'll only be at the hairdresser for a short period of time. The I tip takes about 1 1/2 hours to install. With no braid restrictions the real hair will flow freely. I tips I tips extensions allow for greater movement and can be folded into a low-maintenance wrap. You have the choice of styling them in the same manner as you would style your hair. It's best to wash them and dried with the aid of a hair dryer.

How long you have been able to utilize the extensions I have tipped?

The installation should last six to eight weeks with proper maintenance and cleaning, the hair will last about one year. This means that a single hair package may be utilized in two distinct configurations. When each wash is finished the protein that connects the I tip extensions will begin to break down.

How often and how much do my extensions need to be cleaned?

I tip extensions do not absorb oils from the scalp like other hair extensions. This means that they do not have to be cleaned as frequently as other extensions. After a period of 15-20 times, or when you notice a buildup of product, I tip extensions must be washed. I tip extensions will last longer if you clean them less often.

While washing, I tip extensions, use a shampoo first, followed by moisturizing mask and moisturizer exactly as you would your natural hair. Don't ever make circular movements while washing your hair extensions.

Is it possible to get my I Tip extensions wet?

Hair extensions from us are created from the best quality 100 percent, which meaning you could get wet, wash and treated as hair that you have in your own hair. If you plan to go to the pool, bear in your mind that saltwater and chlorine, such as our hair, could cause damage and dryness to your hair. If you're able to avoid putting your hair in the pool or ocean, remember that chlorine can cause hair to become yellowish in particular if it's lighter. Don't wash your hair with any sulfate-containing shampoo or conditioner, if you have.

Is it okay for me to use oily products on my extensions?

No, we do not recommend that I tip extensions purchasers to use oily items. Sometimes, oil can cause damage to the connections between your extensions. In these cases, avoid oily products.

Do I need to use hairspray for my extensions?

Avoid alcohol-based hair sprays and other products for styling. (Alcohol may make your hair extremely dry.) If you don't have to use hair products such as gels or foam, avoid them. They may dry out hair and cause it entangle. Hair can also become clogged because of styling products. To get rid of residue and buildup, you can apply a complication wash twice every month.

Do I have to go to bed with my hair still wet?

Before bed, make sure that you tip your extensions are completely dry before applying them. If your hair gets wet prior to bedtime, tangles will form. Dry your hair before you go to bed, then wrap your extensions in a long, loose braid to sleep in for the night.

Does it allow you to reuse extensions I have already used?

Our products are always praised with highly praised. Simply maintain them in good condition so that you can be able to have them repaired which makes them a great investment.

Excellent tips! If you intend to reuse your I tip extensions inform your extension specialist know before they're installed. Your expert will then verify that the bond tips are correctly fitted and ready for reuse.

How many hair extensions will be needed to complete a head installation?

Each box contains 20 strands of hair, each one weighing 1 gram. If the hair of your client is fine and thin, with some layers and is about shoulder length 5 to 6 packs could be enough.

Because you'll need to mix the I tip extensions for a natural appearance you’ll require 10-12 packs of hair for a person who has a short haircut with a medium to thick density. You'll need at least 5 packages, or 100 strands of hair extensions for most clients. The amount of I tip extensions required will be determined by the size and density of the client's hair and the desired volume and length. This is why it is essential to bring the client in for a consultation prior to installation is crucial.

Which brush should I choose for my extensions?

We recommend using wide teeth to keep your extensions looking great, utilize combed or special tools, as well with a looped brush designed specifically for I tip extensions. The standard brushes won't give the same results and brushes that aren't of the highest quality could damage the extensions. Start with a gentle brushing and gradually work upwards.

Does it matter to me to brush my extensions on a regular basis?

This is recommended to do at minimum three times per day. This will help in dispersing and reducing the amount of tangles. Begin at the tips and then move up. Keep the roots in one direction and the tips in the other. You can make use of a broad tooth combing tool, or an especially looped brush specifically designed for I tip extensions.


I tip extensions give length, volume and thickness to hair, just like other extensions. However, they require special installation and care than other varieties. We hope this will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of I tip extensions. The use of these extensions offers greater advantages than other types of hair extensions. The I tip hair extension is an excellent choice if you have short or thin hair. If you're sick of your hair extensions are an alternative to waiting months for it to grow back. If you're looking to change your hair every now and then, temporary hair extensions are fine while permanent hair extensions are ideal when you intend to use them for a long duration of time.

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