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Webex Messaging: More compact layout when opening chat in new window

I have several chat windows open at the same time because there are multiple teams I have to communicate with throughout my day. Having the Webex messaging window and four chats open takes up an entire monitor.

Is there some way to get rid of the content at the top of the window (Group name on the top line, Tab buttons for Messages, People, Content, and Schedule plus Pin and search buttons on the next line) and the Attach, Screen Capture, Text Format, Emoji, etc buttons at the bottom of the chat content?

Most of the functions these buttons enable could be accessible in a context menu that would be easier to access when needed and the chat windows would be much less cluttered (less distracting as well) and would save a significant amount of monitor real estate...

If it's not possible, are there any third party messaging clients available? Or is the messaging protocol open or is there an API available that would allow for third party messaging clients? This is so annoying that I would write my own messaging client if it's possible.

I've attached an image that should clear up any confusion about my request. If anything about my question remains unclear please tell me so I can clarify. The amount of wasted space in the webex messaging chat window is the most annoying thing about my job.


Dan Baas

  • Daniel Baas
  • Jul 7 2022