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Jabber Softphone call alert toast popup needs an Ignore button

When using Jabber in softphone mode when a new call comes in the pop up allows you to "Answer" or "Decline" the call. It's obvious what answering the call does. Declining the call immediately sends the call to voicemail. We need a third option to "Ignore" the call. Ignoring the call should work as it does on our 8845 phones (stops the ringing, gets rid of the popup alert) without sending the call to voicemail. is similar, but this enhancement request is actually asking for the opposite of what we need. This request is for:

  • Enhancement request to add a feature to remove ignore/decline from call toast and only have the accept button.

What we need is:

  • Enhancement request to add a feature to add an "Ignore" button to the call toast when you have a voicemail account defined. I.e. the call toast would have three buttons for "Answer", "Decline" and "Ignore".

  • Guest
  • Aug 3 2020
  • Will not implement