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Search Events API by RoomID

A common request in my org is to retrieve a transcript of all activity within a Webex space or to export the contents of a space. You would best do that via the Events API ( However there is no way to search/query the Events API by RoomID (the unique identifier for a Webex space) or other things like UserID or the ID of a Team; only by date range.

Instead what admins must do is gather a complete export of all Events (via the API) from the time the Space was created to the present, filter the exported data by the RoomID property, and proceed from there. You either produce such a gigantic export on-demand - a time-consuming process -or you must develop and maintain a database storing all your regularly-exported Events API data that you can then query on demand.

For those reasons I think the Events API needs to have additional options available to query it by some of the properties of the returned data: things like RoomID, UserID, Team ID, and so on.

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  • Jul 14 2022