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Accidents prevention and damage control

I (or well, my cat) has just managed to send over 50 messages (with a single comma - I'm guessing it sat on on the numeric keyboard enter+. edge?) in under a minute. This brought me to a search for a way to prevent this in the future and mitiage the damage - and I am left wanting, as there is no way to do that right now (as confirmed in a chat with an assistant).

Currently there appears to be no way of cleaning up after an accident like that. There is no admin authority that would allow to mass-delete messages, or even delete messages one by one but without leaving a trace - which means that the only option I have is to replace the wall of commas with a wall of "message deleted" comments, which does not help bring back the readability of the space.

There could also be self-throttling options - I wouldn't mind setting a self-limit of one message per space every 5 or even 10 seconds - which in this scenario would limit the problem to just a couple of messages instead of the wall it is now.

  • Michał Torba
  • Jul 26 2022
  • Not likely to implement