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Added Column(s) to the Attendance Report that shows which participants used on-screen video participation

In the healthcare field, to comply with specific policies and regulations, we require "on-screen" video participation by physicians to qualify for certain payments for selected large meetings. Adding an additional column(s) to the user-faced exportable attendance report allows hosts to quickly tell which participants used "on-screen" video participation and those who didn't. Our organization cannot pay physicians properly if we cannot verify that they were present on screen for most of the meeting. We are concerned that there are a couple of large meetings where participants/physicians dial in but are not engaged in the meeting, mainly because we cannot see their on-screen participation.

This would also help other organizations apart from ours better manage their video utilization. With Cisco vigorously promoting video utilization through Control Hub and Personal Insights, this would help increase video utilization by allowing meeting hosts to evaluate prior meetings better and conduct efficient future meetings. Without this feature, users would need to submit a service request with their Webex administrator to analyze each meeting individually and report which users used "on-screen" video participation, which is not a good use of time management or efficiently effective.

  • Kewan Powell
  • Jul 26 2022