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Passing credentials in the webhook target url

Consider a webservice that is running on a host in a lab environment that doesn’t have inbound connectivity, i.e. no one outside the lab network can access the host. For any external client to make a call to this host it needs to make a call to a reverse proxy and based on the request reverse proxy redirects the request to the correct webservice host. In other words, the reverse proxy is acting like a hop. Since many applications make use of this reverse proxy, it needs to have some kind of authentication, so they are using basic auth. i.e. expecting user name and password in the header. One way to pass basic auth credentials is to give that in the url.

Webex webhooks currently do not support this feature, if the credentials are set in the targetURL of a webhook, they just get deleted automatically. Please evaluate if it is feasible to implement supporting this feature in a future release.

  • Sanjay Ningune
  • Jul 27 2022