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Ability to hide the new Message Highlights on Mac OSX

While the new Message Highlights feature is a nice option for some users, the ability to hide this unused channel would be a welcome feature

  • Guest
  • Jul 29 2022
  • Nick Pappas commented
    1 Aug 07:10pm

    Having a bolded item that is not useful is quite distracting. It even highlights messages from manually muted spaces. Please allow us to remove features like this that are pushed out.

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug 02:40pm

    Amazed how developers change appearnace of a App without the option to diable it. It is a sore thumb that is useless.

  • ~z z commented
    30 Jul 06:27am

    Why new invasive features are turned on by default. Lot of people are annoyed by this message highlights which is useless crap. Why there is no clear option to disable it ?

  • Derek Clair commented
    29 Jul 06:53pm

    This seems like a really simple overlooked feature that apparently other platforms already offer. Please implement this on MacOS

  • Guest commented
    29 Jul 04:54pm

    This feature is not good for those of us that have multiple spaces that we belong to that only check infrequently. I have favorites to get to messages I truly care about, Message highlights for posts that I do not care about nor need to address, not helpful. Given we're now all trained to respond to notifications this is a non-trivial quality of life issue on the Mac client and the fact it can be disabled on Windows and is simply left it out of the Mac client features is awful.

  • Olivia Henao commented
    29 Jul 04:21pm

    I don't even see the use of the feature and it's even more frustrating to not be able to hide it when Windows users already can.

  • Guest commented
    29 Jul 03:57pm

    Please please let me hide this. It never clears the bold text/blue dot and its awful.

  • Blakk Hamphrey commented
    29 Jul 03:55pm

    I agree. But it doesn't bother me personally