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Webex App Controls for Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Notifications

Many customers are complaining about the BLF pop-out notification not having the ability to control it on the Webex app desktop. They want the BLF service on the physical phone and desire the ability to control the pop-out plus the tone associated with this BLF service.

The BLF service on the physical phone device can be controlled along with the pop-out splash. However, in the Webex desktop app, there are no controls provided with the BLF service.

It is proving to be an annoyance to desktop users and my support team is getting numerous calls about this BLF pop-out. If a Webex app user does not have a shared call device (phone) then there is no issue.

However, many customers have end users with both the desktop app and a shared device (phone). The physical phone does provide a means to silence the BLF ring.

  • Jeffrey Kayne
  • Aug 3 2022
  • Already exists
  • Jeffrey Kayne commented
    12 Sep, 2022 07:57pm

    Yes, the Call Pickup "mute notifications" do stop the BLF toast popouts and the ring. However, I would ask you to add the words "Busy Lamp" into the description.

    e.g. "You can choose not to receive busy lamp call pickup notifications."

    Many of our customers do not realize the BLF popout is really the same as a call pickup.

    Is this now available in 42.9 or in 42.10?

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    9 Sep, 2022 03:50am

    Hi there, on Webex desktop client, go to call settings - Notifications - Call pickup, there is a checkbox "Mute notifications".
    Does it help?