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Webex CVI and MS Teams single tenant restriction.

I've been unable to discover the answer for why the CVI is restricted to only meetings associated with the tenant it is attached to.

Why is the CVI generating it's own meeting IDs to pass to participants instead of utilizing the already unique meeting IDs from Teams?

I would think there would be better controls in place for preventing outside parties from abusing the system, while allowing companies to use that interop to join more than just their tenant meetings. If from Expressway IPs x.x.x.x allow to join all, else only inside Tenant scenario.

I'm having to explain to upper management that even though we are paying for this service, it is only useful for US accessing OUR hosted meetings and for outside parties to connect to our Teams meetings if they don't have a directly compatible device. Their response is how much will it run us to put in directly compatible devices and remove the CVI cost?

The business has already decided on MS Teams as their direction moving forward in the long term. Webex is not even a contender now. If we are going to keep using Cisco products in those spaces, we require that ability to interop and access all MS Teams meetings, and connecting USB passthrough to a laptop to make a glorified webcam is not a quality workaround.

  • Jeff Campbell
  • Aug 5 2022
  • Planned
  • Ron Lewis commented
    28 Sep, 2023 08:58pm

    Multi MS Teams tenant with one Webex org is on the roadmap.