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Webex Teams with a AIM like Grouping

Teams should allow a more instant messaging feel, with the current fav list its too cumbersome to continuously look and all the messages in every team and see which is in bold. You wind up missing the messages or reply late to the ones below your favs. Groups and or group notifications would be much easier / cleaner. We had this with Jabber i would love to see it again.

  • Guest
  • Aug 15 2022
  • Andres Llerena commented
    15 Aug, 2022 05:47pm

    100%. The grouping capabilities that we had with Webex Messenger were great. We could creat groups and then add individual chats / contacts into those groups. Jabber maintained some of that, but we couldn't sort it except by changing the names of the chat as Jabber sorted them in alphabetical order. Please allow us to sort contacts without using the "favorite" option!