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"note://" to be recognised as links, just like HTTP / HTTPS link.

We are using HCL Notes/Domino in our company.

We have received a request from our company to build a workflow using WebexTeams, and we were investigating the possibility of using the incoming webhook.

Can you please modify the incoming webhook to recognize "notes://" as a URL?

  • Guest
  • Aug 23 2022
  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2022 10:21pm

    Thank you for your prompt confirmation.

    We look forward to continuing to work with you.

  • Admin
    Niall Daly commented
    24 Nov, 2022 03:24pm

    Thank you for your clarification. We are assigning this Aha to our integrations team.

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2022 10:35pm

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter, despite the small number of votes.

    It will be as you described.

    For example

    ・Changed the destination of workflow notifications generated from HCL Notes/Domino used by our company from email to WebexTeams.

    >By clicking on a link (notes://) to a Notes/Domino document, the target document can be opened and the workflow can proceed immediately, which is expected to speed up the workflow.

    ・Disaster prevention information issued by the Japanese Prime Minister's Office Twitter is received by IFTTT and notified to WebexTeams. (This has already been built)

    >A safety confirmation application exists on our Domino server, and by including a link to it (notes://) in the notification, we can quickly collect information from employees.

    We believe that the integration of Domino server and WebexTeams, which can be used for many other purposes, will have a variety of benefits.

    HiroseChemicals co.,ltd

    Kensuke Hagihara

  • Brian Callinan commented
    18 Nov, 2022 12:02pm

    Could we have more information please on the workflow? Is it something like this?

    1. You want notificaitons from an external system to appear in a Webex space

    2. your team will collaborate and triage the notifcaiton in the space

    3. your team will use a message with a prefix (starting with "note://") to send information back to the external system.

  • Guest commented
    11 Nov, 2022 04:09am

    Specifically, we would like to switch to WebexTeams to increase the immediacy of workflow notifications, which are currently only handled by email.

    We are also considering using WebexTeams as a notification destination for safety confirmation systems, and returning confirmation results to Notes/Domino.

    Best regards.