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Add a "Crowd sound mode" where the non-presenters can faintly be heard (e.g. 10% volume or some "far away" effect)

In a group meeting (e.g. 1-3 presenters, 10+ participants), hearing every participants at the same sound level as the presenters is not good, so currently, those who are not presenters are usually muted and they can use "silent visual reactions" (icons, raise hand, etc). Compared to a live in person presentation where you'd have presenters on a stage with the microphones and a large room with participants (and no microphones), the presenters and participants can no longer hear the "reactions from the crowd" (participants in the room). We'd like to have that interaction feeling back in online presentations through Webex.

We want to hear the murmurs in the crowd, the far away laughters when a presenter says a joke, a far away "amen" when presenter says something inspiring, a far away shout out from the crowd, a faint heartfelt appeal from an offended crowd member, etc.

There could be either a slider or a few crowd sound levels for the organizer to choose from (e.g. faint crowd, very faint, etc).

(of course, people in the crowd could still mute themselves, and organizers could still mute an overly misbehaving crowd member, or take a crowd member and make that person a presenter, just as we can do now)

  • David Lauzon
  • Aug 31 2022