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Allow mobiles to not interrupt your WebEx call when cellular call arrives

Hello. I have had a request come in from our product team "hi, i dont know if possible or not, but we have had some customer requests come through that when you are on a webex call on a smart device (android or iphone), and they receive a cellular call, can the cellular call be sent busy rather than interrupt the existing webex call? ive had a test with the call waiting settings in both native phone app and webex, but both get ignored." They wish that if a WebEx call (WebEx calling or Broadsoft) is active the mobile would treat a mobile call according to its own busy setting, so if their mobile has call waiting off and busy to voice mail then if you are on WebEx and someone called your cellular number that call goes to the mobiles set voicemail, not ring over your WebEx call
  • Glenn Caldwell
  • Sep 1 2022
  • David Winbanks commented
    2 Sep, 2022 07:53am

    It would be great to be presented with options when calls come into the native dialler when on a Webex call. Hold Webex call and answer native dialler, send call to voicemail, reject etc or be able to set preferences for this - eg always send native calls to voicemail when I am on Webex etc