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Meeting option to Allow for Host to automatically assume Host Role

We have a customer that uses a macro to join meetings automatically. Due to security necessities, the endpoint is unreachable by normal means and leverages the macro and the join before host options to allow for the endpoint to join automatically and not sit in the lobby.

However, since the endpoint cannot be touched manually - when it is time to end the meeting the other user in the meeting must select "leave meeting" and leave the endpoint alone in the meeting for 30 minutes before the meeting will end on its own.

Our customer would like an option or toggle that can be enabled upon scheduling a meeting to allow for the user that scheduled to automatically become the host when they join the meeting. At current, if the host joins after the endpoint (due to JBH) the host role stays with the endpoint which removes the ability to "end meeting for all".

  • Chad Dodson
  • Sep 29 2022