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Strikethrough Text in Webex Teams

I would like to format text like this in Webex teams using markdown

I've wanted this for some time now, it gives a quick easy way to point out a correction and there are plenty of humorous ways to use it. Several other Markdown implementations have this feature and i really like it.

  • Guest
  • Aug 19 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    22 Jan 02:39pm

    From my end users:

    "It would be nice if Webex supported strikethrough text formatting for messages. Sometimes I might want to edit a message I posted earlier and strike through a portion, then add a correction after it.

    For example, when writing Markdown-formatted text on GitHub, I can mark a selection of text as strikethrough by wrapping it in double tildes (~~Example text~~)."

  • Dylan Moreland commented
    8 Jan 07:01pm

    Bumping this again. Please give us full Markdown support, or at least strikethroughs

  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2023 07:21pm

    Full standard Markdown support would be awesome

  • Franz Jelinek commented
    2 Oct, 2023 11:48am

    3 years later and I'd still love this feature. ;)

  • Daniel Cooper commented
    26 Apr, 2023 02:04am

    Just a Cisco employee bumping this request as it would be extremely beneficial.

  • Guest commented
    2 Nov, 2021 05:44pm

    I totally agree with this, and am tickled to see that it's available for the chatbox I'm using right now.

  • Rajiv Somayaji commented
    30 Jul, 2021 08:04am

    Do the same in MS Word and Copy paste it. It will temporarily serves the purpose until the team looks into the possibility.

    Ignore if already done.

  • Guest commented
    6 Apr, 2021 05:58pm

    Wow - they STILL haven't added this feature. Yeesh, Webex.

  • William Smyth commented
    10 Mar, 2021 01:29am

    Come on, Cisco Webex folks! We all would really appreciate if you'd expand upon your message posting capabilities in WebEx Teams. I mean, Microsoft Teams can do it and a whole lot more. Surely you don't want to lose to those guys, right?

    In sincerity, if this platform aims to compete with the likes of MS Teams, Slack, etc., you have to buildout its feature set for messaging. Things like more full features supported in markdown:

    ### Images
    ![](image URL)

    ### Footnotes
    some sentence with a footnote on the end.[^1]
    [^1]: footnotes are useful

    ### Big Footnotes
    some sentence, word, or phrase, with a large footnote.[^bigfootnote]
    [^bigfootnote]: More than a single line for this footnote.
    You can describe a ton of stuff here
    { even some code }
    very useful for writing.

    ### Custom IDs for jumping to sections {#custom-ids}
    which allow linking and CSS application to specific sections
    example of linking Custom IDs
    CSS will be difficult to show here.

    ### Tables
    | col1 | col2 | col3 |
    | :--: | :--: | :--: |
    | whatever | more stuff | blah |

    ### Strikethrough
    An example of strikethrough that doesn't work in Webex Teams

    Please, I beg of you, heed our cries. We want—NAY!—we NEED more!

  • Peter Turner commented
    18 Nov, 2020 04:32pm

    Sometimes I change something in a post and I'd really like people to notice that I've made that change or at least give them a queue that the old instructions changed.

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