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my company is looking for smart technology software

the company where I work has a problem with its staff, and is thinking of replacing its human staff with only smart technology, they know that this technology exists but they have no idea what it is called or where to find it, they need smart technology that responds to customer messages , order the items, track what each of our customers is looking for, take note of what is being sold and certain statistics of what happens month by month so that the company knows which way to go pointing, does anyone know where to find this artificial technology? they are willing to pay whatever it is worth, but they need it to be a totally professional software
  • Chencho Corleone
  • Oct 4 2022
  • Michelle commented
    14 Jan, 2023 10:13am


  • James Moore commented
    9 Oct, 2022 10:12pm

    Nowadays a lot of people need software development to improve their business. We also want to use the services of a professional team to take our products to the next level with machine learning and thereby increase our revenue.

  • Arthur Jones commented
    9 Oct, 2022 10:26am

    In the retail sector, AI technologies are used most actively. And this is understandable: it is retail that has to deal with large amounts of data, and its instantaneous processing allows enterprises in this highly competitive industry to significantly increase efficiency, strengthening their positions in the market. Retail Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help you reach the next level in your business, we are all strive for it.

  • sergey loki commented
    6 Oct, 2022 07:08am

    Machine learning takes data to the next level It's no surprise that artificial intelligence could be a promising solution to today's retail challenges. In order to launch such a program, you need to either turn to companies that deal with such technologies or shovel a bunch of sites to find the information you need.

  • Julia Haifa commented
    5 Oct, 2022 01:47pm
    My company has this problem. Each manager works with his own client base and does not know counterparties of other employees. This way of organizing business processes can be convenient to use the moment, but as soon as an employee goes on vacation, gets sick or goes on a business trip, as a connection with his customers. If such an employee leaves, he takes “his” clients with him. In order for the change of employees not to become fatal for the company, a single base of contractors is needed.