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Make existing webex space public

Currently we have the option to make a Public Webex Space to Private. We would find it very convenient to have the option to make an existing webex space to Public. We believe having the both options would be beneficial for everyone.

  • Minko Keranov
  • Oct 6 2022
  • Shipped
  • Guest commented
    10 Aug, 2023 09:12am

    @Cisco, please make this option possible soon. Frequently our users ask if we can make a Webex space from privat to public.

  • Marcel Reinke commented
    2 Jun, 2023 07:01am

    Why is this not a feature in the app? Why can't I create a public space and put it to private, but not make it public again?

  • Brian Callinan commented
    1 Jun, 2023 04:47pm

    It's possible for Comliance officers to convert existing private spaces to public. The space must be unmoderated and not part of a team.

    Any space participant or compliance officer can convert a space from public to private. Only a compliance officer can convert a space from private to public and only if the space is classified with the lowest category (usually public), and the space has a description. To remove a description please use a space character by itself.

  • Simon Coventry commented
    27 Oct, 2022 11:02am

    lots of people asking for this. we need to make existing spaces be publicly available

  • Guest commented
    20 Oct, 2022 11:38am

    As others have stated not having this option is a major problem for organizations that already have a number of existing spaces created before the public option was available and causes a reliance on bots for space management.

  • Elen Miki commented
    9 Oct, 2022 07:37pm
    Definitely both options have the right to exist. But you need to analyze in more detail to make decisions. After all, the wrong decision can create difficulties for many in their work.
  • Marcel Reinke commented
    7 Oct, 2022 08:24am

    This is just a no brainer to me. I can't even revert a public space that was made private back to public. This should have been implemented in the first place.

  • Robert Hawke commented
    6 Oct, 2022 04:48pm

    i couldn't believe this wasn't possible. I searched for 15 minutes in the app until I realized it just was not possible.

    Especially since this is a new feature, we have been waiting for for a long time, we do not want to delete and re-create all our existing spaces just to be able to make them public.