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extend webex meeting app life ,support and download

extended webex meeting app support and download for the users

  • Duha Al Manaseer
  • Oct 11 2022
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  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2022 03:04pm

    The new Webex Desktop app has many good qualities. But it misses the boat in a few key areas.

    1) If I do not need or even want the additional functionality it exposes (chat, etc...), the bigger (in all ways) app is not necessary and often is a distraction.

    1.1) Twice as large as reported by the install size,

    1.2) four times as large screen-wise (at least!),

    1.3) even after setting all options to show only meetings by default, it still switches to other tabs occasionally (I think update related, but seems like it happens from time to time outside of updates too)

    1.4) has to have scrollbars because it has too much content. Scrollbars? Seriously? For a meeting I need literally 3 things on screen, with an optional few more that will all fit (like it did in the old app) in a tiny little window.

    In addition, specifically about the meetings use case:

    2) If your sole use case is to use it for Meetings, the "Meetings" tab in the new App is far less focused than the old Meetings App was.

    2.1) The meetings app was not cluttered up with extra functionality,

    2.2) only showed today's meetings instead of a giant list covering last week through next month that is very difficult to find where today is,

    2.3) had a "paste and go" way to join a meeting that required fewer clicks,

    2.4) had the [useless in my environment] "connect to a device" button tucked away down at the bottom where it was easier to ignore and to not accidentally click on,

    2.5) Took up WAY less screen real estate and could be kept always visible in a corner of a monitor without being obtrusive.

    I tihnk the new app could be significantly improved if they moved the app-switcher stuff to the top (so it feels more like menus instead of so in your face on the left) or if it was able to be hidden, and if they made the meetings tab more focused and simpler and more like the old Meetings app.

    Until then, I won't be updating.