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Mute attendees only for yourself

Customers would like to mute specific people for themselves only.

This would help in scenarios where two or more people are near each other and in the same meeting. as it is a negative experience.

  • Nikola Ivanov
  • Oct 18 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Chris commented
    11 Nov, 2022 06:57pm

    I believe this request comes from the situation that arrises when two or more of the participants are attending the same meeting from their workstation in an open office environment.

    In this situation, you hear you colleague(s) through the air some time before the same audio reaches your headset, making it VERY HARD to listen to them - similar to bad echo on a telephone line.

    This request is to add a feature that allows you to mute your colleague(s) in Webex without muting the rest of the participants, and then relying on hearing them locally rather than through Webex.

    I acknowledge that given the way a conference bridge works, this may be difficult to implement, but I believe it is a feature worth having.

    I urge you to support this feature.