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Use HG number for ECBN Emergency number

Currently, we can only use Location's default number and assigned numbers from user's location. However, it was been noticed by various customers that it would be needed to use Hunt Group number solely, without having the need to make it main's location number.

Setting the hunt group number as the Main number is an option, though that also requires reconfiguration since the “advertised” number is assigned to an auto attendant and is the number desired to be the Caller ID number displayed for users. Setting that number as the main number reduces user configuration changes needed. Since hunt groups are a live answering point, it would seem to make sense to allow the use of these as an ECBN. After all, hunt groups are more likely to be answered than calls to an individual.

  • Sarah Valeria Ivette Lopez Chavarria
  • Oct 18 2022
  • Guest commented
    28 Feb 12:25am

    I've ran into this issue with 3 customers. One customer was a school where all of their DIDs were routed to hunt groups. The only workaround is to create a virtual line and forward it to your hunt groups.

    One customer was a healthcare org with over 100 locations. In many of their locations they needed the PSAP callback to ring all phones in the clinics to make sure someone would answer the call.

    This is common sense like many other requests on here.

  • Nils commented
    3 Oct, 2023 09:42pm

    I find it weird that this is still a limitation. I opened Case 696146815 on 2023-09-12 with the exact same question.

    The initial response to my question was "Each configured ECBN should be the telephone number of an actual user to facilitate a call back from the Public Safety Answering Point.".

    I pushed back with .. "I ask that you relay to TAC that there is no guarantee a single person/user would be able to answer an ECBN call, as there is no position in any business anywhere around the world that is staffed 24 hours a day. Making the ECBN go to a single person ignores the importance of that a ECBN connecting with a human being. In our case the members of the ECBN hunt groups I've created cover all of our extended business hours. There are no users that work for us that work for the entirety of our business hours, of which we also have staff working all seven days of the week, but not a single person that works 7 days a week."

    At this point, I keep getting prompted to close the case, instead of actually fixing what is essentially a bad design decision.