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Manually switch between modes (Holiday service and Night service) and Visual indicator of active mode

The ability to manually switch between different modes is essential. For example, if a customer wishes to switch to night mode earlier then what their schedule indicates, they can do this via the handset or application. There are also some customers where hours vary weekly and do NOT work off a schedule and wish to have modes activated manually. There also must be a visual aid to advise the customer of what mode the system is in.

Although modes can be activated via control hub, this is limited to control hub admins and a lot of the time such features need to be used by regular staff members.

The way Nexgen operate their business as PABX maintainers, is that our helpdesk essentially administers the Webex instances for our customers.

Call Queue Policy Manual Control

Capability to manually enable or disable Call Queue Policy to override time schedules.

4 different Modes: Day, Night, Holiday, and Forced Forwarding.

Change Policy and Visualize via:

1) MPP Phone

2) Webex app

- Ability to assign specific users or phones to control Policies

Market Relevance


NEC, Panasonic, Avaya and all the major On-prem PABX Brands provide the capability to manually control Mode Switching to override time schedules.


  • Majority of SMB market is still On-prem

  • Manual mode switching is an integral part of Call Flow for SMB Customers

Nexgen On–Prem Base

Large On-Prem user Base with at least 75% of customers are currently using Manual Mode Switching as part of their call flow.

Nexgen Cisco Base

A substantial part of Nexgen current BroadCloud customer base (~75%) requested manual mode switching.

IMPACT of no change


Loss of Revenue due to reduced conversion of On-Prem systems to Webex for both:

  1. Nexgen Customer base

  2. Green field customers


Very substantial overheads

Thousands of change/modify call flow requests during embargo/holiday periods.


Risk of churn due to Customers being not satisfied with the lack of Mode Switching.

Customer Experience

Many Customers are dissatisfied with the lack of flexibility in comparison to incumbent solution.

  • Guest
  • Oct 27 2022
  • Planned
  • Robert Gardner commented
    8 Dec, 2023 03:13am

    Any update on when this idea will be implemented?

    Note: I've spent the last 3 days manually updating business hours and holiday schedules for our 200 Locations in Webex Calling. It would have been great to have this feature already as we wouldn't need to use the schedules anymore and instead users could just press a button on their Cisco 8851 handset or select the mode in the Webex app. It's a great feature that would make life easier for me and all my 1000+ users.

  • Christopher Smith commented
    29 Sep, 2023 11:25pm

    Any updates?

  • Michael Maniatakos commented
    6 Sep, 2023 10:16pm

    Hi team, can we update the status of this Feature Request. There is interest by other Partners, and the published status does not reflect the real status. Development is already in progress.

  • Admin
    Luca Piccolo commented
    24 May, 2023 07:51am

    My team created this solution to address some of the asks on this Aha request:

  • Admin
    Sanjay Sinha commented
    30 Mar, 2023 08:56am

    NextGen is identified as a customer/partner. Who are other customers/partners? Please provide details of how users use them. The explanations in the comments section are not good

  • Patrick David commented
    5 Mar, 2023 10:35pm

    Any updates?

  • Robert Gardner commented
    19 Feb, 2023 03:08am

    We would also love this ability. A manual after-hours Night Switch capability is required. We can do this in CUCM/UCCX but not in Webex Calling.

  • Guest commented
    7 Nov, 2022 11:35pm

    We have updated the description of the request

  • Jery Adams commented
    1 Nov, 2022 02:11pm

    I can say from personal experience that for customers it is not so important the hours of service as the round-the-clock opportunity to ask questions and consult. Such an opportunity can be provided by email support outsourcing Clients who are pleased at these moments will come to you no matter what hours you work. The opportunity to get in touch is what is most important for clients.

  • Guest commented
    28 Oct, 2022 04:47am

    We lost an opportunity recently where a doctor's surgery who had 3 locations relied heavily on this feature. They do NOT have set hours, and they are either in for surgery or not, so they use to always manually set their modes. This was not possible on Webex and we ultimately lost the opportunity.