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Multiple Music on Hold For Agents Who are Part of Multiple Queues/Sites

Customers have requested to have the ability to answer calls for multiple businesses. We can only set one music on hold audio file in control hub per location.

User A takes in Calls from Company A and Company B. Both companies have their own call queue with their own advertised numbers. In this instance, there is a shared receptionist (USER A) who represents both business and is a member of both call queues The limitation is when a call is placed on hold by USER A, whereby only a single MOH file can be played. We want the option to be able to configure the MOH to be that of which belongs to that particular call queue (ie COMPANY A or COMPANY B). Essentially multiple MOH can be played even on an agent's phone.

The current work around is to program multiple park keys that belong to a particular location and an agent must then remember to place the call on the correct park key which belongs to that particular business from the right location so the correct MOH is played. The user experience is not ideal and is prone to errors.

  • Wesley Kie
  • Oct 28 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Patrick David commented
    20 Sep, 2023 12:10am

    Hi Team, Any updates on this?

  • Patrick David commented
    5 Mar, 2023 10:34pm

    Any updates?