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Dialing out from Different numbers (Outbound CLIP) from the Handsets

We need the ability to be able to dial out from different numbers from the same user on the handset. A number of customers operate multiple businesses from the same system and need this feature. This was a prominent feature on on-premise PABXs.

User A represents both Company A and Company B. User A take calls for both companies but also needs to be able to dial out showing the advertised number for Company A or Company B via the HANDSET. This is essential so that the company is displaying the correct advertised number and call backs can be returned to the respective queues.

The current work around requires us to provision additional users (additional cost per license) to achieve this. We then need to share these users across multiple handsets. If USER A and USER B are sharing the same user which is dedicated to displaying the correct CLI, they can also see each other's calls and potentially retrieve them which is not ideal.

  • Wesley Kie
  • Oct 28 2022
  • Shipped