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When user’s queue status is ‘Wrap-up’, the queue calls should not be distributed to that user.

When a queue agent is in ‘Wrap-up’ status, the call should not be routed to that agent. (Current specification is to route the calls to the wrap-up status agent)

Commonly, wrap-up status is a status that a call center agent is doing after-works right after finishing a customer call. In this period, the agent writes info down to the customer management system without expecting a call being routed to that agent. Once agent’s wrap-up work is finished, agent manually set the status to ‘Available’.

By this way, wrap-status time is important value as a key performance indicator. Supervisors would be able to know which agents take more time in wrap-up , or, which call center takes more time in wrap-up. This kind of insight becomes a source of next work force management.

Did a quick poll in APJC calling SE community and most people have the same understanding on this. One of them also indicated that that’s why ‘Wrap-up’ is different from ‘Available’ literally.

  • Eendo Hwang
  • Nov 1 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Robert Gardner commented
    19 Feb, 2023 03:00am

    Once an Agent gets off a call, they should automatically go into Wrapup mode for a period of time (e.g. 30 seconds) before the system automatically makes them available again and sends the next call through. This is how it works in Cisco UCCX. It would be great if Webex Calling had Wrap Up status operate this way.